"Self-Publish on Kindle Direct Publishing in 5 days or Less."

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Have you ever wondered how authors got Amazon and Barnes and Noble to sell their books? If you're a writer or poet, you've probably asked yourself that question already.

The authors that we see on talk shows, hear on the radios and podcasts, sharing their life's experiences...all of them seem happy having a great time. Who are these authors? And how did they get so far with a self-published book?

At that point, you would think they must be coughing up thousands on a publicist, marketing agent, and even an editor, right?

Well, what if that wasn't the case? What if those "published books" started as simple notepads and a burning desire to publish a book?

Hi, my name is Lasana Philbert, and I have been a writer and poet for over 20 years, and a self-published author since 2018. The #1 thing I get asked by my friends and strangers alike is, "How did you become an author? And, "How did you get Amazon and Barnes and Noble to sell your books globally?"

If you're like most conscious writers, you probably feel like your work has to go through a traditional publishing house to be sold on Amazon or at Barnes and Noble. And it's okay to have those feelings. I, too, had those feelings. That was until a college friend of mine told me about self-publishing.

After months of painstaking research, I learned that Kindle Direct Publishing offered the best options for self-publishing authors: The best book royalties for indie authors and the largest global distribution channels in which to market books. So I chose to work with them to manifest my dreams of being a published author.

I further learned that, contrary to popular beliefs about self-publishing, many Independent authors were making a name and money for themselves. There are so many to name here, I'll just choose two: Darcai Chan and John Locke.

That said, I want to show you how you too can self-publish "professional quality" books with nothing more than the work that is already sitting right next to you! Yes, all those pieces of scrap paper with your short stories, poetry, and prose can be your claim to success, as an author and writer.

You don't need to be a pro because I've boiled down the very best of my 20+ years of writing and my extensive knowledge of self-publishing with Kindle Direct Publishing into a simple, step-by-step guide.

"How to Self-Publish on Kindle Direct Publishing in 5 days or Less"!

This ebook teaches you how to turn your written work into a beautiful book that you can sell globally on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and at many other global retail outlets--In as little as 5 days!

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Easy to use Self-Publishing Guide

This guide walks you through step-by-step transforming your written work into a book that you will self-publish, in 5 days or less!

Here's what You'll Discover...

How to turn your written work into a self-published book to sell globally on Amazon & Barnes and Noble...

Simple step by step document formatting for upload to KDP's website...

Shortcuts to the entire KDP self-publishing process...

Free resources to aid in publishing your book in a matter of days...

Tips on choosing the correct designs and pricing for your book...

And much more!

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And because you are a first-time customer you get access to live monthly calls with the author. An additional bonus at no additional charge.

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Private Access to Free Monthly Consulting

Join me monthly via Whatsapp or Telegram group chat to have all your publishing questions answered for FREE! ($90 Value)

My " 5 Days or Less" Guarantee!

I know you are going to absolutely love this easy-to use step-by-step self-publishing guide. If you already have written material for a manuscript, and you follow the steps outlined in this book, I guarantee you will publish your book in 5 days or less. Or I'll send back every penny you paid.

Disclaimer: The guarantee is only for persons who genuinely used the steps. Errors on the client's behalf or personal delays due to procrastination are not covered by this guarantee.

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